Half-time Lecturer at the University of Burgos (Spain). He has already finished his Master Thesis in virtual reality to enhance learning and is doing his PhD in the same topic. During the final project of this degree, he has worked on the virtual reconstruction of Briviesca in the 15th century. This work results in the publication: Briviesca in the 15th c.: A Virtual Reality Environment for Teaching Purposes. He has collaborated with different companies like Gonvarri and Gonvauto developing virtual reality applications that range from showing the history of the company to improving job security. This works are partialy publisehed in: Industrial Heritage Seen Through the Lens of a Virtual Reality. He is part of the reseach group 3D-UBU ( as virtual reality expert.

  • 2018-Actualmente Profesor Asociado

    Ingenieria Civil
    Universidad de Burgos

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